Blue- Ray DVD player




OPPO BDP-80 DVD Multi-Region 1-6 NTSC/PAL Blu-Ray Multi-Region A, B & C ( Converts PAL  to NTSC & NTSC to PAL, 10-240Volt 50/60 Hz for world wide use, Standard Player & Digital Transport, SACD & DVD-Audio/Video, 1080p Full HD, 1080P 24 & Source direct, USB 2.0 for Media Playback, Fast Loading &  Response time, 1GB Memory & BD-Live. Features: BONUSVIEW, BD-Live, DVD Up-Conversion, DVD-Audio, SACD, Full HD 1080p output, True 24p Video, Multiple zoom Modes, Subtitle Shift, HDMI,Dolby@TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, 7.1-Channel Analog Output, Digital Optical & Coaxial Outputs, Dual USB Ports, PAL/NTSC Conversion, Glow in the dark Remote Control, HDMI CEC. Playback Discs: BD-Video, DVD-Video, AVCHD, DVD-Audio SACD, CD, HDCD, Kodak Picture CD, CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/-RW, BD-/RE. BD Profile: BD-ROM Version 2 Profile2(also compatible with Profile 1 version 1.0 & 1.1). Outputs: Analoge 7.1Ch, Digital Audio: Coaxial, Optical, HDMI Audio, Analoe Video: Composite , S-Video, Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr-480i/480p/1080i available for non restricted content only), Digital Video: HDMI with HDCP ( NTSC: 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p24, PAL: 576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p/1080p). Dimension: 430 x 281x 53mm ( w x d x h), Weight: 3.5Kg. See Picture $ Pl Call
OPPO BDP-83 PAL/NTSC Blu-Ray Player w/SACD & DVD-Audio, 100-240Volt 50/60Hz.Playback Disc Type: BD-Video, DVD-Video, AVCHD, DVD-Audio, SACD, CD, Kodak Picture CD, CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE, .BD Profile: BD-ROM version 2 Profile 2, DVD-Up Conversion, BD-Live, BonusVIEW. Unparalled Video Quality: VRS by Anchor Bay, Full HD 1080P Output, True 24p Video, Source Direct Mode, Multiple Zoom Modes, HDMI. High Fidelity Audio: Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, 7.1-Channel Analog Output, Dedicated Stereo Output, Digital Optical & Coaxial Output. Ultimate Convenience: Dual USB Ports, PAL/NTSC Conversion, Back-Lit Remote Control, External IR. Outputs: Analog Audio: 7.1ch 05 5.1ch, Stereo, Digital Audio: Coaxial,Optical, HDMI Audi, Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD high Resolution Audio & DTS=HD Master Audio, Analog Video: Composite, Component Video, Digital Video: HDMI with HDCP ( NTSC: 480I/480P/720P/1080I//1080P/1080P24. PAL: 576I/576P/720P/1080I/1080P/1080P24.Dimension: 430 x 336x 77mm ( W X DX H). Weight 5.1Kg See Picture $ Pl Call
PANASONIC DMP-BDT300 Full 3D HD PAL/NTSC Multisystem Blu-Ray Player, Twin HDMI Output for Video/Audio, Superior Audio Component & Parts, Frame sequential Technology, Viera Cast, Time to Cinema Picture Quality, PHL Reference Chrome Processor Plus, New P4HD Enhanced Full HD Upscaling, Adaptive High Precision 4:4:4, HDMI Jitter Purifier. Video: 148.5MHz/12-bit D/A Converter, Progressive scan, HD Up-conversion. Audio: 100dB Dynamic Range, 115dB Signal to Noise Ratio, Dolby Digital/DTS Compatibility, Built-in Decoder, HDCD Decoding, 192KHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter. Playback Format: BD-ROM, BD-RE/BD-RE DL, BD-R DL, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R DL, DVD+R/+R DL/+RW, CD, CD-RW/-R. File Storage System Support: AVCHD, JPEG/MP3, DivX/DivX HD. Terminals: Digital Media Slot, USB x 2, Ethernet x 1, HDMI Output x 2, Analog Audio Out x 1, Digital Audio Out (Optical x 1, Coaxial x 1). 110-240Volt 50/60Hz. Dimension: 430 X 66 X 245mm (w x h x d). Weight 2.8Kg See Picture $Pl Call
PANASONIC DMP-BD30 PAL/NTSC Blu-Ray Player which can play Region A, B & C, Compatible BONUSVIEW final standard Profile, PHL Reference Chrome Processor, 1080p/24 Playback (Blu-ray disc), Deep Colour, 148.5MHz/12bit Video D/A Converter, NTSC Output Selectable, Digital Noise reduction (3D-NR/Integrated NR), Picture Mode (Normal/Soft/Fine/Cinema/User), Picture Adjustment (Contrast/Brightness/Sharpness/Color/Gamma Correction), High Bit Rate Audio Bitstream Output (Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TruHS, DTS-HD*2), Built-in Dolby Digital & DTS Decoder, High Quality 192KHz/24bit Audio D/A Converter, Audio Re-Master for all formats (BD, DVD, CD & MP3), Advanced Surround (V.S.S.) Creates a Surround, Effect for BD & DVD from only Two Speakers (2 Modes), Dialog Enhancer, Playable type Disc: BD-ROM-BD-Video, BD-RE SL/DL- BD-MV (BD-RE Version 3)-JPEG, BD-R SL/DL BD-MV (BD-R Version 2), DVD-RAM- VDV-VR/JPEG/AVCHD , DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R DL- DVD-Video, DVD-VR, AVCHD, +R/+RW/+R DL- Video, AVCHD, DVD-DVD Video, CD,CD-R/CD-RW-CD-DA, MP3,JPEG, SD Memory Card- AVCHD/JPEG, PAL/NTSC Progressive Scan, Convenient: VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 3), Super High Speed Scan, Audio/JPEG Navigation Menu, , Input/Output Terminals: SD Memory Card Slot, HDMI output Support Version V 1.3/1080p output, Component Video, S-Video Out, Video Out, 5.1CH Audio Out, 2CHAudio Out, Digital Audio Output, 110/220Volt/50/60 Hz. Dimension: 430 x 59 x 320mm, Weight 3.3kg. See Picture $ Pl Call
PANASONIC DMP-BD55 PAL/NTSC Blu-Ray Player which can play region A, B & C, Format Playback: BD-ROM-BD-Live, DVD-RAM-AVCHD, DVD-VR, JPEG (HD),DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL- DivX, DVD-VR, DVD-Video, AVCHD, +R, +RW, +R DL- DVD-VR, AVCHD, DVD-ROM-DVD Video, CD,CD-R,-RW-CDDA,MP3,JPEG, DivX, SD Memory Card-AVCHD,JPEG, BD-R SL, DL-BD-MV(BD-R (version2), BDAV (SESF), BD-RE SL, DL- BD-MV (BD-RE version 3), JPEG, BDAV (SESF). Video: PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus, P4HD ( Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD)- Precise pixel Generation, 17-Level Motion Detection with panel based Motion Adaptive, Diagonal Processing, 3.2, 2.2 Pull-Down Progressive Processing, i/p Conversion for 1080p playback, Up Conversion to1080p Playback, 148.5MHz/12bit Video D/A Converter, Progressive Scan PAL/NTSC, Digital Noise reduction, x.x. Colour, Deep Colour, 1080/24 Playback, Picture Mode, Picture Adjustment, NTSC Output Selectable. AUDIO:192KHz/24bit Audio D/A Converter, DTS/HD- Decode & Bitstream Output, Dolby Tru HD- Decode & Bitstream Output, Dolby Digital Plus- Decode & Bitstream Output, 96KHz Surround Re-Master, Advanced Surround (V.S.S.), 7.1 CH Analog Output. Night Surround Mode, Dialogue enhancer, Dynamic Range Compression. In/Out Terminals: SD Memory Card Slot, Ethernet for Network, Component Video Out, Video Out, Digital Audio Out, HDMI Out- Support version V.1.3, Support Features-Deep Color, x.v. Color, High Bit Rate Audio, 110/220Volt 50/60 Hz. Dimension: 430 x 55 x 249mm. See Picture $ Pl Call
PANASONIC DMP-BD60 PAL/NTSC Blu-Ray Player which can play region A, B & C region Discs, Plays all SD DVD discs from region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Discs. Experience true cinema viewing rights in your living room, The Ultimate playback source for high definition 1080p content, HD networking with an SD card, One touch control from your TV's remote. Features: Plays BD-ROM, BD-RE/DL, BD-R/DL, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/-RW/-R DL, DVD+R/+RW/+R DL, DVD-ROM, CDCD-R/-RW.SD Memory Card, HDMI connection(HDMI v.1.3 with Deep Color & Trade), P4HD ( Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD), Progressive scan, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD decoding, Re-Master for DVD/CD, Supports HD native resolution of 720p, 1080p24 & 1080i60, Includes OSD & interactive menu's in the SDI signal, Component Video Output, Optical Digital audio outputs, Ethernet for network connection, 2Channel analog audio out, video out, Super hi speed scan, audio/jpeg navigation menu, 148.5MHz/12-bit Video D/A Converter, 192KHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter, , File type playback includes: BD-Live, BD-MV (BD-RE v3), JPEG (HD), BD-MV (BD-R V2), DVD-VR, AVCHD, DVD Video, DivX, CD-DA, MP3, MPEG2, SD Memory Card Slot (Plays AVCHD, JPEG), 3:2 Pull-Down Progressive Processing, UP-Conversion to 1080p Playback, Digital Noise reduction, Picture Mode, Picture Adjustment, Advanced Surround, Dialogue enhancer, night surround mode, VIERA Link (HDAVI control 4), Dynamic Range Compression. Dimension: 6.94" w x 1.94" h x 9.81" d, Weight 5.7Lbs. See Picture $ Pl Call
PANASONIC DMP-BD80 PAL/NTSC Blu-Ray Player which can play region A, B & C region Discs, Plays all SD DVD discs from region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 region Discs. Features: VIErA CAST, BD-Live, P4HD, BONUS VIEW, Precise Pixel Generation, The P4HD active high speed, highly precise i/p conversion, UP-Conversion to 1080p Playback, Natural Analogue Video, 16 Level Motion Detection with pixel based motion adaptive, Diagonal Processing, 3:2/2:2 Pull don Progressive Processing, Plays Blu-Ray high-definition discs ( selectable output resolution: 1080p signals available through HDMI output only, 720p/1080i signals available through HDMI or Component Vide), Plays BD-ROM & BD-R & BD-RE, Plays DVD-Video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, DVD+R & DVD+RW & DVD-RAM, Plays AVCHD high-def video files on home-burned DVDs & SD memory cardd, Plays CD, Audio CD-R & CD-RW & MP3 CDs, Plays DivX Video files on DVD-R, CD-R & CD-RW, Plays Digital Photo CDs (JPEG), Built-in Audio Decoding for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD & DTS-HD Master Audio Essential, Multi-Channel Audio PCM output via HDMI, Bitstream Audio output for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD & DTS-HD Master Audio, BD-JAVA interactive capability, HDMI version 1.3 with deep color & x.v. Color Support, 1 Set of A/V Outputs ( Composite Video, Component Video & HDMI), Stereo & 7.1 Channel Audio Outputs, Coaxial & Optical Digital Audio Outputs, Ethernet port for accessing online content and features and posivble future upgrades ( require broadband connection), Front Panel SD memory card slot & USB port for playback of digital photos, AVCHD Video & MP3 Music files, Plus storage of BD-Live bonus material downloaded from the internet, Remote Control. Dimension: 16-15/16" w x 11-5/16" d x 3-3/16" H, Weight: 6LBS.See Picture $ Pl Call
PIONEER BDP-320 PAL/NTSC Blu-Ray Player which can play region A, B & C Region Discs, 1080/24p: To achieve highest possible picture quality  X.V Colour: An advance features which greatly broadens the color space input to include 1.8 times as many natural color that standard RGB Signals, 48-bit Deep Color, Video Adjust Mode function, Compatibility with latest Audio Function, PQLS 2Ch Audio: When connected to the latest Pioneer A/V Receivers the PQLS transmits audio data from Blu-Ray Discs, DVDs & CDs to the A/V Receivers with a minimum of Jitter. The BDP-320 utilize PQLS technology for 2ch Audio jitter free CD audio transmission via HDMI. BD-LIVE, KURO LINK, Blu-Ray Profile 2.0, BD-LIVE with Ethernet port, USB for local storage, HDMI Deep Color 48bit, HD Audio : Dolby True, DTS-HD, Playback Format: BDMV/BDAV/DVD-Video/VR/AVCHD/DivX/CD-DA/WMA/MP3/JPEG, 13 Video Adjust items, DNR/BNR/MNR HD Noise reduction, Attractive (HD) GUI, Software Firm Up: Via CD-R or Network, 110/220Volt 50/60 Hz. See Picture $ Pl Call
PIONEER BDP-51 PAL/NTSC Blu-Ray Player which can play region A, B & C region Discs, Plays all SD DVD Discs from region 1,2, 3,4,5 & 6 DVD discs. Features: Spectacular 1080p Picture Quality: 1920 X 1080p Full HD Resolution, Single-Wire Connection: One HDMIR 1.3a digital connection, HDMI Control, Wolfson Audio DACs, Exclusive Jitter Reduction Circuit, Picture Control Suite, 3 Different Noise reduction Circuits: 3 Noise Reduction, Block & Mosquitos Noise Reduction, BonusView Support, 7.1 Channel Analog Audio Outputs, Internal Audio Decoders, Easy Operation & Set up, Latest Generation PureCinema Deinterlacer, Multi-Format Compatibility: BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-Video, DVD-R (Video mode)/RW (Video Mode) & CD media. Terminals: HDMI Output, Component Video Output, Composite Video Output, S-Video Output, 7.1-Channel Audio output, 2-Channel Audio Output, Coaxial Digital Output, Optical Digital Output, SR Output. Dimension: 16.54" w x 14.18" d x 4.89" h, Weight: 13Lbs. See Picture  $ Pl Call
PIONEER BDP-LX52 Pioneer LX series Premium Blu-Ray disc Player. Premier Picture & Sound Quality: 1080/25p, X.V Colour, 48-bit Depp Colour, Video Adjust Mode, Compatibility with the latest Audio Formats, PQLS Multi-Surround. Premium Convenience Features: BD-LIVE, KURO LINK, Blu-Ray Profile Profile 2.0, ( with Ethernet port) USB for local storage, HDMI Deep Colour 48bit, Dolby TrueHD HD Audio, S232C Control, Playback Format: BDMV/BDAV/ DVD-Video/VR/AVCHD/DivX/CD-DA/WMA/MP3/JPEG, HD Noise reduction: DNR/BNR/MNR, GUI: Attractive (HD), Quick Start, Skip Searck/Replay, Software Firm Up: Via CD-R or Nrtwork, 110-220Volt 50/60 Hz for world wide use. See Picture $ Pl Call